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Audio book rental plan allows you to rent unlimited number of audio books on CDs. Depending on the plan you subscribe, you can rent 1-4 audio titles at a time. Shipping is free both ways. Once you finish listening to the audio books, you can mail them back in the pre-paid envelope.

To facilitate the process, you can create a list of audio books online, they will be mailed to you in your preferred order. Since there is a lag time in each mailing, a two at a time plan is a good choice for avid listeners. You can rent 2 books at a time, when you finish the first one, mail it back and listen to the second one. The third book will be sent to you while you are still enjoying the second one.

Audio book rental is more economical than the download plan if you can listen to several audio titles each month. However, shipping does take time and there may be a queue for the audio books you want. It is also not available for international listeners.


Simply Audiobooks icon(Top Pick) - a popular book club with both rental and download plans serving customers in US and Canada. They have over 11,000 titles on CDs, more than other rental clubs.

Monthly fee:

a) 1 audio book at a time: $17.98 ($15 for annual plan*)

b) 2 audio books at a time: $26.98 ($22 for annual plan*)

c) 3 audio books at a time: $37.98 ($34 for annual plan*)

*annual membership is fully cancelable with a full refund of unused service

Special Offer:

15-Day Free Rental Trial! provides unlimited audio book rental services to customers in US only. They have 3 membership plans that fit casual to hardcore audio listeners.

a) Plan A: 1 audio book at a time for $17.95/m

b) Plan B: 2 audio books at a time for $27.95/m

c) Plan C: 3 audio books at a time for $37.95/m