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There are two types of audio book club: audio book download and audio book rental. The download club allows you to download 1-2 digital audio titles whereas the rental club allows you to rent unlimited number of audio titless on CDs (1-4 at a time) each month.

Downloading audio books is quick and easy. There is no waiting and no shipping time. It is also the only option for international listeners. Unfortunately, some popular books are not available in digital downloadable format (such as the Harry Potter series).

Audio book rental is more economical than the download plan if you can listen to several audio titles each month. However, shipping does take time and there may be a queue for the audio books you want. It is also not available for international listeners.

Considering most audio books are selling at $30-50, you can easily save up to 80% by joining an audio book club.


Recommended Audio Book Clubs

Download Service
Rental Service
Monthly Fee*
$14.95 (D) / $17.98 (R)
$13.95 (D) / $17.95 (R)
Free Trial
1 @ a time
2 @ a time
2 @ a time
US, Canada

*Fee for monthly subscription, you can get a lower rate for annual plan

**Audible - $7.95 for the first 3 months, then $14.95/m or get 30 day free trial, then pay $14.95/m

D = download plan; R = rental plan


Which Plan is Suitable for You?

How often do you listen to audio books?

If you are new to audio books, try AudibleListener Gold 30 day free trial. If you seldom listen to audio books, consider purchasing individual copy from Audible without monthly subscription as they provide better price than the other two audio book clubs. If you listen to audio books every month, you can choose a monthly plan that fits your need.

How long do you need to finish one book?

If you can finish an audio book within one to two weeks and live in N America, Simply Audiobooks and AudioBookWorm rental plans are good choice. You can listen to 2-3 books for only $15 to $18/m (annual plan or monthly plan). For avid listeners, the savings is even greater if you go for the plan renting 2 books or 3 books at a time.

Where do you live? Outside N. America?

AudioBookWorm only provides rental service to U.S. customers. Simply Audiobooks serves customers in the U.S. and Canada. Digital audio books from can be downloaded in all countries.

Are you interested in popular books / bestsellers or less popular titles?

For downloadable audio books, Audible provides more selection than the other two. However, some books are not available in downloadable format (such as the Harry Potter series). For audio books on CD (rental service), Simply Audiobooks provides a more complete collection than AudioBookWorm.

Would you like to own the audio title permanently?

If you join Audible or Simply Audiobooks download club, you already pay for the license when you download the digital files. You own these books permanently. Those you rent on CDs or tapes have to be returned and due to copyright protection, you cannot copy these audio titles to your computer or media.

What digital device would you use?

Audible digital audio books can be played in most digital players including Apple iPod. Simply Audiobooks download can be played in PlaysForSure digital players that can handle a bit rate of 32 kbps. Some can be played in Apple iPod.

Do you want to buy an audio book without monthly plan?

Audible provides the best price if you only want to buy individual audio titles without monthly plan.